Search Engine Optimization

SEO increases the visibility of your webpage or a website, achieving page 1 rankings in search engine results

What is SEO?

The term Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a web page or a website in the search engine results. It is generally associated with the organic search engine optimization. Organic SEO is a method of writing content, web coding, linking, and designing websites in such a way that search engines support and can read. If the process gets done right, search engines will give a website with strong SEO additional credit and rank them higher than various other sites on search engines.

We know each day millions of users come online who search the various search engines for multiple requirements. It is a great concern for the business owners that whether the website is getting ample visibility online or not.

If your website is easily detected by the online search engines you automatically get higher web traffic that is highly beneficial for your business. It can be a great SEO package for the business owners who want to go for monthly consultations. It is well versed with all the necessary SEO tools that you need to earn a suitable online visibility of your business web page

SEO Plans and Pricing

SEO PRO Plan 1: Flat fee SEO Package

Our Flat fee SEO package for a 6-8 page website and 10-20 regional key words is $2,000. Add $100 for every additional page and key word.

Services include:

  • Key words consulting and reports
  • Choose 20 Key words (10 primary, 10 secondary)
  • Website performance evaluation
  • Text content editing for SEO
  • Meta tags, page titles and more..
  • G+ page setup
  • Google analytics setup
  • Reports, Tweaking and Tracking for 3 months

SEO PRO Plan 2: Monthly SEO Service Plans

Our Monthly full time SEO package for small and large companies marketing in competitive industries and nationally is $900/Month

How it works:

We begin with concentrating on top 20 key words. When we have those exceptionally ranked, we start with another 20 key words. This process continues unless the initial key words don’t get dropped in ranking. If in case they do, we stop and go back to focus on most important key words again. We support the utilization of a website blog for key word expansion. Blog writing is available at an extra cost.

Services include:

  • Key words consulting and reports
  • Tech Website evaluation (load time, file sizes, robots, etc)
  • Call to action evaluation
  • 50+ search terms
  • Text content editing for SEO
  • Meta tags, page titles and more good stuff
  • G+ page setup
  • Google analytics setup
  • Webmaster tools setup
  • General text/photo site updates at the same time optional
  • On-going site SEO and tweaking throughout the month
  • Cart product page SEO
  • Blog SEO (2-3 per month)
  • Reports and tracking every month

If you would like to work with us on a new website project, you can either contact us directly for a chat, skype call , conference call or you can download our project planner and we’ll make you a detailed proposal.

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